So, it has been a long while since you last visit a dentist, and you are worried about what to expect. Cavities, Root Canal, Gum Disease and many others are probably running through your mind. First of all, take a deep breath – everything will be ok. We understand you may feel a little embarrassed to admit to your dentist that you have not had your teeth checked in a long time. However, you will be surprised how often patients do not regularly have their teeth checked. Regardless how many years it may be, pay a visit and let us bring back that healthy smile you’ve been missing!

What to prepare for my first appointment.

Despite what you may be thinking, the hardest part of visiting your dentist is actually filling in the paperwork. Make sure you bring in the appropriate documents such as insurance and any important medical information your dentist will need. Once that is taken care off, the rest is a smooth process. Relax and allow your dentist handle the rest.
For those who are coming in for an appointment after a lapse in dental treatments should keep in mind, that their visit may take a little longer than the average as it’s been a long while since your last visit.

What to expect during the exam.

You’ve been dreading this moment, and now it is here. However, there is nothing to be afraid of! Depending on how properly you maintain your oral hygiene, overtime, the plague will build up around your teeth which will take your dentist some time to remove. You may experience some discomfort and bleeding gums, but that is perfectly normal. We assure you, your teeth will thank you once this is over!

It is also common for patients who have not visit the dentist in a while to find a cavity in the exam. This is nothing to be worried about as this is normal for adults to receive 1-2 cavities over their lifetime. So, don’t be disheartened if you do have one, we will make sure to have your mouth back to its healthy ways in no time.

After Exam

We hope your experience was not at all scary, and recommend to revisit your dentist every 6 months to maintain that healthy teeth and gums in a long run. Looking to get yourself checked up in North Andover? Call us today for a free consultation at (978) 774-0725

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