Bonding is a cosmetic procedure that can help improve the appearance of a patient’s teeth. By using a composite resin, bonding can solve a variety of cosmetic issues with one’s teeth such as discoloration, gaps, too-short teeth, crooked teeth, or chips, cracks and breaks. The composite is a plastic-based material that can be molded around your teeth. If your teeth:

Are discolored

When teeth are discolored, the composite resin is manipulated so that it can cover the discolorations. The composite resin comes in multiple tooth-colored shades to ensure that the dental work isn’t obvious. By having your discolorations covered, you can feel more confident about your smile. 

Have gaps.

If the gaps between your teeth are smaller, it may be possible to add a bit of composite resin material to close the gap. Cosmetic bonding is not intended for larger gaps. A dental professional can determine whether your gap can be fixed with this type of procedure. 

Are too short. 

Many adults suffer from a grinding teeth habit. If your teeth have decreased in length due to a grinding habit or an injury, a bonding procedure might be able to lengthen those teeth. In addition to having cosmetic bonding, your dental professional will likely also recommend a nightguard to keep you from grinding through the bonded area as well. 

Are crooked. 

Do you have one crooked tooth that stands out in every picture of your smile? Cosmetic bonding may be able to fix this issue as well. Bonding can help straighten the edges of crooked teeth. However, it is best suited for situations where there are only a few crooked teeth and your bite is not affected. If all or most of your teeth are crooked, orthodontic treatment may be more appropriate. A dental professional can help you determine which course of treatment will be best for your circumstances. 

Are cracked or chipped. 

Bonding is one of the most-used methods of restoring teeth damaged by cracks, chips, or breaks. Sometimes the broken portion of the tooth can even be reattached with bonding, in certain cases.

There is no reason to suffer with a smile you hate. If you have any of these issues with your teeth, it is worth having a consultation with a professional to see if bonding can help. 

Dr. Emma Wu- Massachusetts Expert in Dental Bonding 

Dr. Emma Wu & Associates are experts in bonding and can help assess if you are a viable candidate for a cosmetic bonding procedure. Learn more by scheduling an appointment today or giving us a call for more information. 


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