It is not uncommon for adults, and even some children, to suffer from sensitive teeth. This medical issue is not usually serious unless a cavity or gum disease cause it. It can, though, make particular activities, such as teeth brushing and eating or drinking remarkably hold or cold items, very difficult. As you read on, you will see a list of things you can do to treat your sensitive teeth and get back to your normal activities without pain.

Use specialized toothpaste – A number of toothpaste manufacturers make products designed specifically for people who have sensitive teeth. Talk to your dentist to find out which brand he or she recommends for you. Typically, no prescription is needed for desensitizing toothpaste, although medical-grade products may be required for specific patients.

Consider fluoride treatments – In many cases, fluoride can reduce tooth sensitivity. Ask your dentist about undergoing procedures in his or her office on a regular basis. If you need more frequent treatments, see if he or she will allow you to get a custom tray that you can use for prescription fluoride sessions at home.

Talk about bonding – For some people, tooth sensitivity is the result of exposed roots. If this is a problem in your case, ask your dentist about having bonding resin applied to the affected teeth. By covering the root area, sensitivity should be significantly reduced. You should be aware that, although this is a relatively non-invasive dental treatment, you may require local anesthetic during your procedure.

Root canals may be necessary – If you are still suffering from severe tooth sensitivity once all other options have been exhausted, the odds are good that your dentist will suggest a root canal on each of your affected teeth. This might sound extremely painful, but in the long run, you will suffer from much more pain if you continue dealing with your sensitivity for years. Bear that in mind if you are told you have to go this route!

To learn more about your sensitive teeth and what treatment options are available to you, call our office to schedule a consultation with a skilled dental professional. We know coming to the dentist can be scary and we want to assure you that you will be treated with the utmost care and professionalism every time you enter our office. We’re excited to meet you!

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