As the weather gets colder, your body gets a chill, and your skin becomes drier. You may not know that your dental care can also be affected during the colder months. When temperatures drop, it increases the risk of dental problems. Similar to joints and muscles in your knees, the muscles and joints in your jaw become tighter, and your teeth become more sensitive during winter. These tight jaw and teeth sensitivity issues are experienced year-round, but many patients may notice an increase in them during the wintertime and should be more aware of the symptoms. As the cool winter days approach, many ways are necessary to keep your mouth clean and healthy. Learn below the warning signs of winter weather on your mouth and body and how you can prevent the winter chill from causing an impact on your dental care!

What Signs Should I Look Out For During The Winter?

As the winter and the cold temperatures continue, it is crucial to be aware of a few signs on your body to know whether you need extra attention. Chapped or dry mouth and lips indicate that your skin is dry and needs moisturizing. Canker and cold sores are also common during this time and should be avoided until healed. Patients with a canker or cold sore should not have dental treatments or get too close to others until the sore is recovered to prevent spreading. Patients who commonly get canker or cold sores should treat them with proper ointments and creams until they disappear. Other signs to be aware of this winter include jaw pain, tooth sensitivity, and gum infection. As the days get colder, we may find it harder to get up and do things, but that does not mean lacking dental hygiene is an option. The colder weather may put you at higher risk for jaw pain and sensitivity, but proper brushing techniques, sensitive toothpaste, and self-care will help you avoid gum disease this winter. 

Dental Care Tips For The Winter

Dental care is essential more during the wintertime than ever. As temperatures drop and you enter heated buildings, your body, and mouth will stiffen. Below are some helpful dental care tips to keep you and your mouth happy and healthy this winter.  

  • Brushing your teeth twice a day and floss once a day.
  • Replace your toothbrush often, especially if you have been sick with the flu, cold, or virus this winter.
  • Visit your dentist every six months.
  • Keep your mouth and face warm if outside for long periods.
  • Seek dental care if you have severe symptoms.

Staying Healthy This Winter With Dr. Emma Wu

At Dr. Emma Wu & Associates, our mission is to help Massachusetts patients stay happy and healthy this winter. Avoiding the cold temperatures too long, keeping your mouth covered with a scarf or high jacket, and performing good oral habits are great ways to keep your body and smile healthy. Many patients may be suffering from sensitivity to the cold this winter or from clenching their jaw from the chilliness. Our professional dental team can provide dental care tips and recommendations to keep you healthy and strong this winter. To learn more about our dental services or to schedule an appointment today, call us at 978-686-2223!

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