Middleton, Massachusetts

It is located in Essex County, Massachusetts. Middleton is considered one of the fastest growing towns in the commonwealth, and the fastest on the North Shore. Within drivable distance to both Dr. Wu’s offices in North Andover and Danvers, you will be sure to be treated well with compassion and respect that you deserve whether it’s a checkup, dental bridges, root canal or any other serious oral care. Please be sure the team at Dr. Emma Wu will take care of you.

Our Services:

All-on-4 Services in Middleton Ma

Did you know that over 35 million people in America are either missing all their upper or lower teeth? Tooth loss is well known for adults; it’s why Dr. Wu all-on-4 service is the perfect solution by creating a permanent customization set of teeth with an implant-supported retained bridge. Your teeth can instantly transform your lifestyle with a simple smile. Let us help and call today!

Dental Implants Services in Middleton Ma

Are you suffering from failing and missing teeth? Implants are your answer. We know nothing can ever replace your natural teeth, but dental implants can come close to feeling like one. If you are still unsure what type of procedure you need, please call us for a free dental consultation.

Dental Veneers Services in Middleton Ma

One of the most common procedures we offer is porcelain veneers. Why are they so popular? Veneers can completely reshape your teeth, giving you that beautiful smile you’ve been missing. Book a consultation online or speak to our dental specialists to restore your confidence. Find out if dental veneers are right for you and receive an initial estimate of time and cost.

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