Beautiful smiles attract, while awkward and misaligned teeth can repel potential life partners or even future employers. Better looking smiles help you go furher in life! Beautiful smiles are a product of excellent alignemnt of well-shaped, white teeth. Mis-shaped and irregular teeth do not culminate in beautiful smiles. Even if you have a bad kind of dentition, you can improve it to produce endearing smiles and teeth arrangement. Invisalign is a dental method through which dentists reshape and align the teeth. 

Straighten teeth with Invisalign

How Invisalign works

 Invisalign helps improves the quality of your smile. Invisalign helps set each tooth in place by slowly adjusting the tooths position.  The alignment of your teeth is not only very important for the improvement of your smile but alos functionality. When an individual has protruding gums, which make the teeter grow out of position, this creates an irregularity. Invisalign corrects these defects, and push your out of place teeth into an aligned shape. As you advance through the different trays, your teeth will slowly & steadily come into alignment. 

Regular Invisalign check-ups

You have to make it a point of duty to go for regular check-ups to maintenance the Invisalign braces. Maintenance is key to bringing out the best results in Invisalign. During such maintenance, the braces would be checked if they are still in their proper places and also, a general check of the progress of alignment is done.

Professional teeth whitening services 

In-office (Phillips Zoom!)

This is a pain-free process that uses accelerated led lights to whiten the teeth and remove the toughest of stains in just one hour. Many persons have testified to its effectiveness.

Take home (Trays with teeth whitening solutions)

This teeth whitening process can be done anywhere, not necessarily in-office like the Phillips Zoom. Herein is contained various liquids and powdered solutions you can apply. Prescriptions come with the whole tray.

Certified Botox administrator to remove wrinkles around the face and neck.

This is a mechanism used to remove wrinkles. Not just any medical service provider can provide Botox services; one has to be certified. Facial esthetics is one competent and certified botox administrator.

Dr. Emma Wu & Associates: Massachusetts Leading Invisalign Experts

Dr. Emma Wu & Associates is the areas leading Invisalign brand you can consult for teeth alignment, thereby, improving the quality of your smile. You can also consult facial esthetics for wrinkle removal services. 

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