Another year is creeping up in front of us! A new year means new goals and a fresh start to achieving them. This new year, start with happy and healthy teeth. At Dr. Emma Wu & Associates, we offer our patients the highest quality of dental care. Whether you want to start the new year off with an oral exam, whiter teeth, replacing a missing tooth with our professional dental implants, or even with some Botox and cosmetic services, we got you covered. Our team is thoroughly knowledgeable and equipped with the latest technology to provide you with the best dental services in Massachusetts. Our team goes above and beyond to ensure you are comfortable in our chairs and that your concerns are fully addressed. Learn more about our professional cosmetic and dental services, and start the new year with beautiful, healthy teeth!

All-On-4® Dental Implants

If you’re suffering from tooth loss and don’t want to start the new year without filling the gaps, consider All-On-4® dental implants at Dr. Emma Wu. Tooth loss can occur for several reasons and differs per patient. Some causes of tooth loss are gum disease, an injury, health issues, bad teeth regimes, or due to age. Having missing teeth is an unattractive and often embarrassing look. Don’t go into the new year lacking self-confidence; schedule a consult for All-On-4® dental implants! All-On-4® is an advanced technology dental implant treatment where ceramic or titanium posts are inserted into the jawline, giving natural teeth appearance. Whether you have a missing tooth on the upper or lower jaw, All-On-4® provides patients with added benefits to an improved appearance. Start 2023 off happily by being able to eat, chew, and brush as you usually would with real teeth!


Regular Dental Checkups

The key to healthy teeth includes regular dental checkups. Start the new year by committing to regular dental checkups every six months. This will help ensure your teeth are cleaned, healthy, and are preventative against future issues. When having regular oral exams, you will discover cavities, tooth pain, or other health issues you may not be aware of. Finding these issues early on will allow for easy treatment before things worsen. Regular dental checkups also help prevent bad breath and a buildup of plaque. Keeping your gums and teeth fresh and healthy will boost your overall health! Consider scheduling an appointment with Dr. Emma Wu to get your foot in the door to a healthy 2023!


Professional Whitening Services

Everyone wants white teeth; why not start the new year with a brighter smile? There is no better time to form better habits and routines than a new year’s start. Let 2023 be your best year yet, with our professional whitening services at Dr. Emma Wu. We offer patients a chance to brighten and whiten their smiles to help boost their appearance and confidence. Whether you want a take-home whitening treatment in the comfort of your own home or an in-office whitening treatment with our dentists, we have you covered. Both whitening treatments are highly effective at brightening teeth and removing embarrassment. Get started with our whitening services today and step into 2023 with confidence.


Botox & Cosmetic Dental Services

A fresh start into the new year means Botox and cosmetic dental services to boost your appearance! At Dr. Emma Wu & Associates, we offer Botox injection services to smooth fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, eyebrows, forehead, and mouth. Botox boosts patients’ confidence and helps them look and feel younger! After a few days of receiving Botox treatment, your skin will be smooth, soft, and wrinkle-free! We also provide patients with cosmetic dentistry services such as veneers, Invisalign, dental bonding and contouring, and a complete smile makeover. If you are looking to get a fresh start with straighter teeth, smoother teeth, or completely new teeth, our team can help. Learn more about our Botox and cosmetic dental services, and enter the new year looking good!


Let Dr. Emma Wu & Associates Give You Healthy Teeth in 2023

Get rid of your embarrassment towards your yellow or missing teeth and say hello to brighter, happy teeth this 2023! Dr. Emma Wu & Associates gives patients the attention and care they need to maintain healthy teeth and gums. Get started on a healthier you this new year, and discover the various dental and cosmetic services at Dr. Emma Wu and Associates. Call us today at 978- 686-2223, or fill out our contact form. 

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