Ever since we were children, we were taught to take care of our gums and teeth. However, factors including work and everyday stressors may cause us to forget basic teeth hygiene like flossing or using mouth wash. Luckily, making simple changes to your daily routine will help you to get back on track with your gum and teeth hygiene so that your teeth are sparkling clean in no time. Practicing these gum health basics below will also help prevent tooth decay, disease, and cavities.

Change Your Habits

First and foremost, use an ADA approved toothbrush with soft bristles that won’t irritate your gums when you brush. Make sure you brush for at least 2-minutes and in a circular motion. Additionally, make sure you’re flossing before you brush to remove excess food that your toothbrush won’t be able to reach.

You should also make sure you’re visiting the dentist on a semiannual basis. They will be able to see if everything is in check. A lot of the time, diseases may not have any symptoms for some time, but your dentist will be able to catch it before it progresses.

Watch for Signs of Trouble

If you notice blood when you floss or brush your teeth, this could indicate something more serious than just brushing or flossing too hard if the problem persists for some time, head to the dentist. This could signify the buildup of plaque, which will need to be removed by a professional. If you also notice your gums changing color, head to the dentist as this could indicate a problem. Additionally, keep an eye out for any gum recession that you notice. Your dentist will be able to give you tips on how to handle gum recession, which unfortunately cannot be reversed.

Dr. Emma Wu & Associates: Experts at diagnosing gum issues for patients

Taking care of your gums doesn’t have to be an expensive endeavor – only when a disease has developed, and you need to undergo treatment does it become expensive! Prevention is key, and that comes with taking care of your teeth through consistent brushing and flossing. Make sure you’re using a quality toothbrush and toothpaste that will fight disease before it turns into anything. Flossing will keep your teeth clean and healthy and remove any food that your toothbrush won’t be able to reach. Make sure you watch out for any signs of trouble, and right when you notice that something is wrong with your gums or teeth, make sure you go and get it checked out by a professional. To learn more about gum health basics, contact Dr. Emma Wu & Associates today. 

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