Dr. Emma Wu is proud of the work we have completed for those who live and work in Haverhill, MA. Only a few miles away from our North Andover office, Haverhill, MA is a suburban community in Essex county home to families and individuals working in the area. Haverhill is close to the beach, making it a sought-after place to live. It is also strategically located right on I-95, providing its resident’s easy access to Boston and North Andover, MA, where our other office is located! 

General & Restorative Dentistry in Haverhill, MA

General and restorative dentistry help get your oral health and functionality back on track. Individuals who experience a tooth that needs extraction can tell you when their mouth is not at 100% healthy; it can dramatically impact your life. Eating favorite foods or enjoying a hot coffee are privileges that are taken away. Our restorative services, including dental crowns, root canals, tooth extraction, etc., will get your oral health back to 100%.

Gum Contouring in Haverhill, MA 

Also called a ‘Gum lift’ this procedure is essentially the removal of excessive gum tissue to refine your smile. If you consider your gum line overly prominent, set up an appointment today with Dr. Emma Wu and Associates for a consultation. This procedure can be done on individual teeth or across the entire gum line!

Cosmetic Dentistry in Haverhill, MA

The term Cosmetic Dentistry covers a wide array of procedures that help improve one’s smile from an aesthetic standpoint. Many of the services Dr. Emma Wu & Associates provides services that help realign & recolor teeth & also amend the amount of gums that are shown when you smile. We offer entire smile makeover services with the goal of giving you the smile you can be proud of.

Dental Veneers Services in Haverhill, Ma

As one of the top Veneers dentists in Massachusetts, Dr. Emma Wu has tested all types of veneers that specifically complement each patient’s needs. There is no “one type fits all”, but the result remains the same! Your smile is one of your assets, allow Dr. Emma Wu and her team of experts to rediscover your best smile again. Call your nearby dentistry office today at 978-620-9463.

Cosmetic Botox Services in Haverhill, MA

Are you looking to remove wrinkles around your smile or eyes? Dr. Emma Wu & Associates has licensed individuals who can perform Botox services for our patients. Not sure if you are a candidate for Botox? Reach out to Dr. Emma Wu & Associates today to set up a free consultation.

Dr. Emma Wu & Associates: Trusted by the Haverhill Community

Contact Dr. Emma Wu & Associates today to set up an appointment regarding any of the services listed above. Furthermore, continue reviewing our website to learn more about the services we offer and perform for our patients. Contact us today to learn more and set up your free consultation.