With the weather warming up that means a whole bunch of tasty treats will be in season. We don’t believe in restrictive eating, everything is okay in moderation. However, it is important to note which foods you should be mindful of eating frequently for the sake of maintaining white stain-free teeth! 

Iced Coffee

Iced coffee is a cult favorite drink when the weather gets warm. While your taste buds may love the taste of a refreshing cold cup of coffee to start your day your teeth won’t! Drinking coffee regularly is proven to result in stains on your teeth. Unfortunately, regular brushing and flossing are not enough to eliminate coffee stains from your teeth. If you are opting for iced coffee as your beverage of choice this spring try to drink it with a straw if possible so it makes less direct contact with your teeth. If you notice your teeth starting to get stained from ice coffee consumption it is time to come in for a professional whitening treatment. Let us brighten up those coffee stains. 


A popular spring beverage enjoyed by children and adults alike. You might want to think twice about buying a cup of lemonade from the local neighborhood kids. Lemonade is filled with sugar and high levels of vitamin c making it damaging to your teeth’ enamel. It is best to avoid high amounts of citrus fruits and beverages due to this.  

Energy drinks 

With summer approaching many people are scrambling to live up to their new year’s resolutions and hit the gym. Many gym-goers opt for energy drinks to fuel them during their workouts. Most people don’t realize that these drinks contain a lot of sugars and acids that break down tooth enamel. Over time this can lead to tooth sensitivity and decay. Opt for water next time you go to the gym to preserve your oral health. 


With the return of outdoor dining and post-work happy hours, it is safe to say many people will be drinking more than they were this winter. If you are a red wine enthusiast be mindful that this beverage can be very staining to your teeth similar to iced coffee. Not only can wine stain your teeth but it also minimizes saliva production causing dry mouth. Saliva is key to oral health and is responsible for flushing away food particles and preventing gum disease. We aren’t telling you not to drink wine but try to be mindful of your weekly consumption for the sake of your teeth. 

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