Bad breath can be extremely embarrassing and concerning for some individuals. However, bad breath is extremely common and often is not cause for concern. There can be many causes of bad breath but can typically be fixed by these five easy tips.

Brush and Floss Regularly

Brushing and flossing teeth regularly is the best way to maintain good oral health. Brushing and flossing cleans out plaque and bacteria on and between teeth. This helps prevent bad breath as well as tooth decay and gum disease. The best practice for optimal oral health is to brush twice a day and floss once.

Brush Your Tongue 

Many people forget to brush their tongue during their brushing routine, but the tongue holds various bacterias that cause bad breath. When a tongue looks white or yellowish, that is from a build of bacteria. If you are experiencing bad breath and this build-up, add in tongue brushing into your daily brushing routine. 

Quit Smoking

Not only does smoking cause cancer and other severe health problems, but it can also be the culprit for many oral health issues, including bad breath. The smell of cigarettes will not only cling to the person smoking but will also cause dry mouth. Dry mouth is the main cause of bad breath, also known as halitosis. Smoking often causes gum disease, which is another reason for bad breath. In addition to causing bad breath, smoking also stains teeth making them appear yellow or brownish. If you are experiencing discolored teeth as a result of smoking, learn more about professional teeth whitening services. The best thing to do for overall health, oral health, and smile appearance is to quit smoking.

Drink Water

As stated above, dry mouth is a leading cause of halitosis. This is because there is not enough saliva being produced in the mouth. Saliva helps to clean away food debris and bacteria found on the tongue, teeth, and other places in the mouth. Without this saliva to wash away the bacteria, it builds up and starts to cause stinky breath. Drinking plenty of water can help the production of salvia.

Regular Dentist Visits 

Everyone should be visiting a dentist for regular cleanings and checkups every six months. These checks allow for oral problems such as gum disease to be caught and fixed early on. In addition to that, regular dentist visits will enable the teeth to be thoroughly cleaned of plaque and bacteria by a professional. This will ensure fresh breath and proper oral hygiene. 

If you have tried all of these steps to fix bad breath, but it is still present, this may be a sign of a bigger problem. Contact a dentist if it keeps persisting.

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