It seems like one of the worst things to hear in a dentist appointment: you need a root canal. That scary phrase is a big fear of many, but it is likely because nobody is quite sure what it means. Is it pulling the tooth? Is it a really bad cavity? Better yet, is it going to hurt, and how much does it cost? Well, here’s everything you need to know about root canals.

Root Canal 101

When it comes to root canals, the fear behind this procedure comes out of a place of ignorance. Sure, it’s not a good thing to need, but it is not some terrifying experience. A root canal is a process of medically extracting a tooth that is beyond help or diseased. The more scientific term endodontic treatment is by far the best course of action for a tooth that is causing pain in a way that cannot be reversed. If a tooth is under extreme strain or has been worn thin, a root canal is actually good news for you and the pain you are likely feeling.


Does it Hurt? When is it Time for a Root Canal?

Root canals do not hurt nearly as much as the pain your tooth is likely causing you. Because the patient receiving the root canal is able to get anesthesia, it does not hurt more to get a root canal than any other common dental procedure. There is a general soreness afterward, but again, no more serious of a pain than a cavity or other dental procedure. Your dentist will know its time for a root canal when they see a tooth is cracked or unable to be filled. The teeth that feel most sensitive are likely sensitive to hot and cold temperatures because of some deep cavity that is allowing things to get deeper than usual. Trust your dentist; they know when a tooth is beyond help.

Cost and Time Spent in the Chair

A root canal costs anywhere from $500 to $2000, but insurance is likely to cover the cost of the procedure if you have a dental plan. The teeth up front are usually a bit cheaper, and the ones in the back run closer to that $2000 mark. The procedure usually takes 90 minutes per tooth, and can sometimes be faster if it easy to get to.

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