Dental decay also is known as “caries,” is damaged to the teeth caused by bacteria, snacking, sugary drinks, and poor teeth cleaning. Every year, tooth decay is one of the most common diseases that people face. Tooth decay happens when the combination of sticky substance that forms on teeth and sugars from food that we eat produces acids which can damage and weaken the enamel.

Although there is no real cure for tooth decay, you can still prevent it from getting worse. Here are recommended oral care regimen you can do at home along with routine dental check-ups and dental cleans.


A mineral that helps strengthen the enamel. The exposure of fluoride, often found in toothpaste and tap water (from certain cities) can help teeth in two ways. When we eat or drink fluoride, it can enter our bloodstream and can lead in part of the developing permanent teeth. Swallowed fluoride that can also be part of our saliva can strengthen the outside of the teeth becoming more difficult for acids to damage the tooth enamel.

A good oral health routine at home.

Ensuring you maintain good oral hygiene it is recommended to use fluoridated toothpaste for 2 minutes when brushing your teeth. This should be done twice a day along with flossing between your teeth daily. Oral hygiene is highly important as it removes plaque which can eventually cause decay.

Smarter food choices.

Stay away from foods that contain high sugars and starches. Eating nutritious and balanced meals are not just for your teeth but also a healthy mind and body.

Quit Smoking.

If you are someone who smokes quite regularly on a day to day basis, you may want to consider seeking help stop with the habit as smoking has a high risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

Routine dental appointments.

A no-brainer here, a regular dental check & cleanups can prevent any development of tooth decay or it becoming worse. A dentist will have an opportunity to provide best solutions to maintaining good oral hygiene.

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