Lawrence MA Cosmetic Dentistry 

Lawrence, MA is a city located in Massachusetts Merrimack Valley. We have had patients from Lawrence visit our North Andover  office! Continue reading to learn more about the services we offer at our office for our patients from Lawrence.

Full Mouth Reconstruction for Lawrence, MA Residents

A person’s smile or teeth are often the first things that are noticed on a person. Regardless of why a full mouth reconstruction is required, it can be an intimidating process even to get started. At both our Dr. Emma Wu offices, we strive to make sure you are comfortable and understand what we are trying to accomplish throughout each step. Many initial hesitations our patients have will be addressed within the first consultation.

All-on-4 Dental Implants for those in Lawrence, MA

All-on-4 dental implants are an alternative solution to traditional implants. If you are missing multiple teeth, are dissatisfied with your current dentures and have overall good oral health, you are a candidate for this procedure. Learn more about this permanent, denture solution here!

Gum Contouring for Lawrence, MA Residents

Also called a ‘Gum lift’ this procedure is essentially the removal of excessive gum tissue to refine your smile. If you consider your gum line overly prominent, set up an appointment today with Dr. Emma Wu and Associates for a consultation. This procedure can be done on individual teeth or across the entire gum line!

Cosmetic Dentistry in Lawrence Ma

Nobody forgets a beautiful smile. It shows confidence, and it’s one of the most important attractions to the human body. How do you feel about yours? If you feel slightly insecure about your smile, come and see Dr. Emma Wu for a free consultation! Dr. Emma Wu and her staff will evaluate and discuss the wishes, concerns, and treatment expectations you may have so you can have the best team around you to bring back that beautiful smile that you deserve. Call today to learn more.

Dental Veneers Services in Lawrence Ma

As one of the top Veneers dentists in Massachusetts, Dr. Emma Wu has tested all types of veneers that specifically complement each patient needs. There is no “one type fits all”, but the result remains the same! Your smile is one of your assets, allow Dr. Emma Wu and her team of experts rediscover your best smile again. Call your nearby dentistry office today at 978-686-2223.