Customized Gum Grafting Can Improve the Aesthetics of Your Smile

Backed by years of experience, Emma Y. Wu, DMD, MS, FICOI offers gum grafting at her North Andover, MA, practice. This tissue regeneration technique can repair gum recession that may have occurred due to periodontal disease or injury. In this way, it can reduce dental sensitivity and improve the aesthetics of your smile. At Emma Y. Wu Aesthetic Family Dentistry, we are experts in periodontal care. Dr. Wu uses several grafting techniques, and she will carefully select the right method for you. She will also perform every step of your procedure under one roof, ensuring that your treatment is convenient, efficient, and comfortable. 

When Is Gum Grafting Appropriate?

Dr. Wu primarily performs gum grafting to combat advanced gum disease. Periodontitis causes pockets of bacteria to build up in your gums, and as microbes multiply, your soft tissues will start to erode. This can result in significant dental sensitivity if your tooth roots are exposed. You may also have exposed dental roots due to injury or naturally shallow gums. In some cases, you may choose to undergo gum grafting for cosmetic reasons. For example, if you have uneven gums, a graft can produce a straighter, more proportionate smile.

To determine your candidacy for gum grafting, Dr. Wu will conduct a full examination. She will also discuss your health needs and cosmetic preferences. Then she will work with you to plan a personalized and precise treatment. In this way, she can achieve the most beautiful aesthetic results possible.

What to Expect during Your Procedure and Recovery

Dr. Wu can use two different grafting materials. The type that you choose will determine the exact steps of your treatment. In some cases, she may utilize your own soft tissue to restore your gum line. In these instances, she will need to remove a small sample from another location in your mouth, typically your soft palate. In other cases, Dr. Wu may use donor tissue. Then she will position the new tissue over the worn or sunken areas of your gums. Small, dissolvable stitches will keep the sample in place until it heals and integrates with your gum line. Both procedures use local anesthesia, ensuring your total comfort throughout the treatment.

Dr. Wu can perform every step of your procedure under one roof, ensuring that your treatment is convenient, efficient, and comfortable. 

After a gum graft, you may experience some swelling and soreness, but this will typically dissipate in less than a week. In fact, many patients are able to return to work the day after a gum graft. Nevertheless, you should avoid very spicy or hard foods for several days, as these can irritate your gums. It may take some time for full sensation to return to the grafting site, but you should be fully healed and able to eat without restrictions within a couple of weeks.


The Benefits of Gum Grafting

Gum grafting can improve both your oral health and the aesthetics of your smile. A gum graft can cover up exposed tooth roots to reduce sensitivity, allowing you to to eat and drink more comfortably than you have in years. Gum grafting can also prevent future tooth loss. Dr. Wu can position the new tissue firmly around your roots, providing support and stability for your remaining teeth. Further, by building up the worn areas of your gums, Dr. Wu can give you a more proportionate smile that could also give you a boost of self-confidence.

Schedule an Appointment with Dr. Wu

If you are suffering from dental sensitivity, or you are embarrassed by an uneven gum line, call our office at (978) 774-0725 or contact us online to find out if a gum graft is right for you. Dr. Wu has performed many gum grafts for patients and can help you restore oral function and simultaneously rejuvenate your smile.