Full Mouth Reconstruction Combines Restorative and Cosmetic Treatments to Improve Your Smile

Widespread dental damage and missing teeth can impact nearly every area of your life, from diminishing your confidence to compromising your ability to enjoy your favorite foods. If you need to address multiple dental issues in order to improve your smile and your oral health, contact us today to learn about full mouth reconstruction. During your consultation at our North Andover, MA-area practice, Dr. Emma Wu will discuss your functional and aesthetic concerns. She will create a custom treatment plan that could incorporate both restorative and cosmetic procedures. Dr. Wu will help you determine which procedures are best for achieving your goals. 

Benefits of Combining Treatments

Full mouth reconstruction is a highly comprehensive approach to dental care and involves a treatment plan that is unique to your needs. By creating a plan with your ultimate goals in mind, recovery time and cost are minimized while your smile is dramatically transformed. Cosmetic procedures and restorative treatments can boost your confidence while improving your health. 

Laying the Foundation for a Healthier Smile

As part of your full mouth reconstruction, Dr. Wu may recommend periodontal treatment. We offer deep cleanings called root scaling and planing, which involve removing bacteria below the gum line. We also perform gum grafting and bone grafting procedures. Dr. Wu will carefully assess your gums and jaw health as part of your comprehensive treatment plan.

Restorative Procedures

Restorative treatments renew the structure of your teeth and promote your oral health. Decayed or damaged teeth may be treated with fillings or dental crowns. Using CEREC® technology, we can take digital impressions, and then fabricate and place your crown all in the same day. 

If you have severely damaged or missing teeth, dental implants may be incorporated into your full mouth reconstruction. Dr. Wu offers both traditional and mini dental implants. Traditional implants are larger in diameter and require a healthy jaw bone. Mini implants are smaller and are ideal for patients whose jawbones have begun to atrophy due to the absence of tooth roots. Implants can support a crown, dental bridge, or denture. We also offer All-on-4®, which involves strategically placing four implants into each arch to support a denture. Dr. Wu will carefully assess your jaw and teeth to determine if implants are a good option for you. 

Cosmetic Treatments

Cosmetic treatments beautifully refine your teeth for an improved appearance. Porcelain veneers offer a dramatic enhancement. These custom-crafted restorations are bonded to your natural teeth to make your teeth appear more uniform in size, shape, and color. Dr. Wu also offers dental bonding, which involves using tooth-colored resin to mask imperfections or fill gaps in your smile. You can achieve whiter teeth through either at-home kits or an in-office Zoom® whitening session. Gum contouring involves using a laser to remove excess tissue in order to achieve a more well-defined gum line. 

Dr. Wu offers orthodontic treatment using Invisalign®. This system uses custom plastic trays to gradually align your teeth. Because they are made of a thin, clear plastic, they are inconspicuous and also easy to clean. Patients receive several sets of aligners and wear each set for about two weeks before replacing it with the subsequent set.

Learn More

If you are interested in addressing several dental concerns with a streamlined approach, contact our office to learn more about full mouth reconstruction. Dr. Wu will spend all the time necessary answer your questions and learn about your medical history. She offers a wide range of services and will help you determine which procedures should be incorporated into your comprehensive treatment plan.