All-on-4® Treatment to Restore Your Smile

Dr. Emma Wu can place new teeth in just one day using the All-on-4® treatment concept. This advanced technique involves strategically placing four dental implants, synthetic tooth roots, into each arch to secure a denture. Implant-supported dentures typically provide a more stable hold and natural feel than traditional dentures, but they can require a lengthy treatment process. All-on-4® dentures can quickly and effectively restore the appearance and function of your teeth so you can chew, speak, and smile comfortably once again. Contact our office today to learn more about the All-on-4® technique.

The All-on-4® Process

All-on-4® is a method of using dental implants to anchor a denture prosthetic in place. Implants are titanium or ceramic posts inserted into the jawbone, where they integrate with the jaw to provide a solid foundation for all types of restorations. Before undergoing All-on-4® treatment, Dr. Wu will meet with you to discuss your needs, concerns, and preferences. She will also perform diagnostic tests and create models of your teeth for treatment planning. 

On the day of your implant surgery, she will insert implants at an angle to create a stable hold for larger prostheses. Dr. Wu uses Nobel Biocare® implants, which are screw-retained. Once the implants have been placed, Dr. Wu attaches a beautiful temporary set of artificial teeth immediately, so you will not have to go without teeth for any period of time. After six months, when the implants have fully fused to the jawbone, she will place your custom, fixed, permanent denture.

Who Is a Candidate?

To be eligible for All-on-4® treatment, you should:

  • Be missing most of the teeth in your upper arch, lower arch, or both
  • Be dissatisfied with your current traditional dentures
  • Be in good overall health, free from diseases or immune deficiencies that may delay healing from surgery

For traditional dental implants, patients typically need to have sufficient bone to hold the post in place. If patients have insufficient bone density, they may have to undergo bone grafting or a sinus lift. However, since the All-on-4® method takes advantage of the existing bone, preparatory procedures are typically not required for treatment.


All-on-4® provides numerous benefits to patients, which include: 

  • Beautiful, functional teeth that do not shift out of place
  • No need for messy dental adhesives
  • A simpler dental hygiene routine; you brush and floss All-on-4® dentures just like natural teeth 
  • Improved bone health; dental implants stimulate your jawbone, unlike conventional restorations
  • Prevention of further dental health complications, such as infection and crowding
  • Fewer food restrictions
  • Less surgical time and a faster recovery
  • A lower cost

Overall, the All-on-4® technique allows you to enjoy durable, aesthetic, functional dentures with a rapid turnaround time, less complex surgery, and a more affordable price. 

Reclaim Your Smile with All-on-4®

The innovative All-on-4® surgical technique makes getting implant-supported dentures simpler. To learn more about this procedure or schedule a consultation with Dr. Wu, contact our office today.

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