A cracked tooth can be extremely painful and uncomfortable if you leave it untreated. From erratic pain when you try to chew your food to excruciating stabs when your tooth faces exposure to cold and hot temperatures, the symptoms can vary.

The pain fluctuates, coming and going at intervals, so you may not be able to determine which tooth is causing the trouble. If you’re suffering from painful symptoms, visit us at Dr. Emma Wu & Associates. We can provide advanced treatment so you can address painful symptoms once and for all.

Treatment Options for a cracked tooth

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is a cosmetic dental procedure that fixes cracked, chipped, and broken teeth. The treatment addresses teeth discoloration, lengthening your tooth’s hat, and even correcting the gap between your teeth.

The bonding consists of a composite resin and the dentist applies it where the teeth suffered from a crack. The result is better looking teeth. The crown that a dentist uses for fillings is quite different from dental bonding. In this treatment, the compositing color must match that of the teeth so that the overall look is natural and synchronized.

This treatment option ensures you get a permanent fix for your cracked tooth. At the same time, it ensures that you don’t compromise on oral health.


If you have chipped, cracked, or broken your tooth, then dental veneers can restore its health and wholeness. Dental veneers are thin shells that are in nature tooth-colored porcelain. The veneers can often be of composite resin material to cover up your entire crack or broken tooth.

If you want to gain a fair idea of how a dental veneer looks, you can look at the false nail cover for a fingernail. Only in the case of a veneer has a thicker section for replacing the cracked part of your tooth.

Additional Services: Teeth Whitening

At our office, you can also avail our teeth whitening services. Sometimes, brushing and flossing are not enough to keep your smile as white and healthy as it should be. From caffeinated beverages to sugary foods and drinks, your smile can lose its brightness with time.

If you notice your teeth looking yellower than before and want their brightness back, our clinic offers the best services. You will notice a vast improvement in your smile in just one sitting, with no side effects. We prioritize your oral health, and our treatments enhance the life and strength of your teeth.

Dr Emma Wu: Northern Massachusetts Leading Cosmetic Dentist

With time, trauma, age, tobacco use, foods, and beverages, your teeth can suffer in many ways. From chipping to cracking to turning yellow, many conditions could spoil the charm and brightness of your smile. At Dr. Emma Wu , we have the most experienced and highly qualified dentists and advanced technology for the best solution to all your dental problems.

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