Gloucester, MA is located on Cape Ann of Massachusetts and is home to over 30,000 people. While Gloucester, MA is home to many fine traditional dentists, for those looking for a true cosmetic dentist to improve the appearance of their smile, Gloucester, MA residents rely on the offices Dr. Emma Wu & Associates of North Andover.  Continue reading to learn more about the services we offer patients from Gloucester, MA.

Cosmetic Dentistry Services in Gloucester, MA

If you live in Gloucester, MA, and are looking to improve the overall appearance of your smile, Dr. Emma Wu & Associates is the leading cosmetic dentist on Massachusetts north shore. We offer a wide variety of smile improving services including alignment treatments, whitening services, and gum contouring. Our team of dental experts will assess the best solution for your mouth, both from a cost and appearance perspective, to provide a new and improved smile.

General & Restorative Dentistry in Gloucester, MA

Are you missing teeth or have tooth sensitivity and pain? Dr. Emma Wu and Associates offer industry-leading general and restorative dental services as well in addition to our cosmetic services. By reviewing the current state of your mouth, we can provide full mouth reconstruction, gum surgery, and even provide dentures. Check out our entire suite of general and restorative dental services below.

Dental Implants in Gloucester, MA

Dental implants allow those who have tooth pain or missing teeth to have a full, normal-looking smile again. From matching the existing color of your teeth to picking the ideal size, your smile will look great again and your teeth will be functional again.

Cosmetic Botox in Gloucester, MA

Do you have wrinkles around your mouth or crows’ feet around your eyes? Dr. Emma Wu is certified to administer Botox for our patients. Seamlessly smooth out wrinkles and reduce the appearance of your age with Botox therapy by Dr. Emma Wu & Associates.

Dr. Emma Wu & Associates: Top Cosmetic Dentist for Gloucester, MA Residents

As mentioned, our offices are conveniently located just down the road in North Andover, MA, making it an ideal location for Gloucester patients. At Dr. Emma Wu, we pride ourselves on providing unmatched solutions to improving the appearance of our patient’s smiles. Come in for a consultation or give us a call to review the services we offer in more detail!

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