We’re always told to limit sugar intake for overall health and wellness. Consuming excess amounts of sugar can be unhealthy and lead to diabetes, heart disease, and weight gain. When reaching for a soda, is it better to go for a regular or a diet soda for your oral health? Aspartame is just one of the several artificial sweeteners commonly used. There have been many studies on the impact of sugar when coming into contact with your teeth. But how about the effects of artificial sweeteners, like aspartame? Read on to learn how sugar affects your teeth and whether or not artificial sweeteners are harmful to your teeth. 


How Sugar Affects Your Teeth

Regular sugar can cause tooth decay when consumed in excessive amounts. When you bite into that yummy gooey candy or sip on lots of sugary sodas, the pH in your mouth turns that sugar into acid, breaking down tooth enamel and eventually causing tooth decay. Large amounts of sugar can also contribute to gum disease and potentially even periodontitis- a condition that affects your gums and bones. Our gums and bones help support our teeth and keep our mouths healthy and smiling. Of course, everything is okay to have in moderation, even candy, and sodas. If you have a sweet tooth and it is hard to avoid sugar, you must practice good brushing habits to clean your teeth twice a day. 

How Can I Keep Sugar From Ruining My Teeth?

  • Limit consumption of sweets
  • Drink water after sugary foods and drinks
  • Brush your teeth shortly after you finish eating or drinking sweets
  • Chew sugar-free gum instead
  • Get regular dental checkups

How Artificial Sweeteners Affect Your Teeth

Aspartame is a common artificial sweetener found in many sweetener packets, diet soda, and low-calorie and low-sugar items. Unlike regular sugar, artificial sweeteners are considered non-cariogenic, which means they do not contribute to tooth decay. There may even be proof that since it does not contribute to decay; it may help to work against it. Aspartame and other artificial sweeteners may have an opposite effect compared to regular sugars. When you intake them, they help balance out the pH your saliva makes and decrease the bacteria that can cause tooth decay. Of course, large amounts of one thing cannot be too beneficial to our teeth and bodies, but it is good to know that aspartame and other artificial sweeteners don’t correlate to adverse effects on your teeth. 


Are you looking to enjoy sweets without ruining your teeth?

Contact Dr. Wu & Associates today! We know everyone has a sweet tooth, but it is essential to schedule regular checkups to ensure your teeth are healthy. If you are looking for ways to enjoy sugary drinks without risking tooth decay or other damage to your teeth, contact us today! We are Greater Boston’s most trusted dental practice and are here for routine dental cleanings, exams, teeth whitening, implants, and more


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