The fact is that a beautiful smile attracts and an awkward and weird-looking one repels. Of course, you come across many persons daily and you see different types of smiles. You appreciate persons with beautiful and endearing smiles, such is the positive air that permeates the air. Beautiful smiles are a product of excellent dentition and well-shaped teeth. Badly-shaped and irregular teeth does not culminate in beautiful smiles. This is where Invisalign comes in. Even if you have a bad kind of dentition, you can improve it to produce endearing smiles and teeth arrangement.  Invisalign is a dental method through which dentists reshape and align the teeth. What are the benefits and additional benefits of Invisalign?

Improve the appearance of your smile

As highlighted in the introduction, Invisalign improves the quality of your smile to a beautiful level. Invisalign helps set each tooth in place on the particular gum. It also helps give the shape of your teeth a steady rhyme. One thing you should know is that the alignment of your teeth is very important in the improvement of your smile. When an individual has protruding gums that make the teeter grow out of position, this creates an irregularity in the dentition. Now, what Invisalign does is to correct those defects, try to push your dentition to an aligned shape. When the shape of your teeth is aligned, your smile would come out endearing and beautiful.

Help align for better chewing

Teeth alignment is not only important for an endearing and beautiful smile, it is also very important for comfortable and better chewing of food. You see when your chewing tooth(the molars) are not properly aligned on their gums, you develop and irregular chewing patterns which can range your gums and in the long run, result in tooth pains. Invisalign helps you align all your types of teeth, including your chewing tooth to allow for better chewing of food.  The same goes for your incisors and canine. They have to be aligned for better and comfortable tearing and cutting of food.

Helps crowded teeth which can prevent ideal flossing

Irregular dentition can lead to problems with proper flossing and cleaning of your teeth. Whenever a tooth forms out of position, It tends to crowd the space and gum for other teeth. If this occurrence is prevalent in a particular dentition, it would lead to problems with teeth flossing and cleaning. You would not be able to clean the “nook and crannies” of your teeth. A better and aligned dentition would improve teeth flossing and cleaning. This you can have with Invisalign.

Can help correct overbite which can affect one’s posture

Overbites are a dental anomaly characterized by the wrong contact of the upper and lower jaw. Overbites or malocclusions are mostly inherited and are caused by irregular and crowded teeth. Overbites cause serious body and joining pains which could affect one’s posture. Invisalign could help correct this anomaly by teeth arrangement in order to reduce or eliminate crowded teeth.

Dr. Emma Wu & Associates: Massachusetts leading Invisalign Dentist

It is quite obvious that Invisalign has very helpful additional benefits apart from the regular cosmetic dentist benefits. It is really worth it for all-around dental health. Contact Dr. Emma Wu & Associates today to learn more about our Invisalign offerings!

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