Having missing teeth not only puts a damper on your appearance and self-confidence but also has many negative impacts on your health. Tooth loss can occur for various reasons, from gum disease to poor oral hygiene habits. Whatever the cause of tooth loss, there are now many options for repair with advanced technology treatments. All-On-4® is a leading treatment in repairing and replacing missing teeth. Not only does it restore the teeth by inserting implants, but it improves the function of the patient’s mouth and leaves them with the natural look and feel of real teeth. Learn everything about the All-On-4® dental implants system, from consultation to the procedure, aftercare, and enjoying your new lifestyle!

The All-On-4® Difference

Although traditional denture designs that rest on top of the gums are still widely used, many patients find them to have several disadvantages. Due to the bonding power created by denture glue, denture wearers are sometimes limited in what they can eat. Furthermore, the absence of teeth from the jaw causes a gradual decrease in bone density, which reduces the bones’ pressure, density, and strength over time. The All-on-4® dental implant solution provides an improved result in each area due to the secure adhesion produced by placing the anchoring dental implants directly into the jawbone.

All-On-4® Consultation

In addition to a thorough evaluation of the patient’s oral health and past medical history, the entire inspection and consultation process includes an intense physical examination of the mouth, digital 3D scans, and x-rays. An in-depth discussion with the patient is provided with advice on the types of results that can be expected after the surgery is completed.

All-On-4® Preparation and Pre-Procedure

The preparatory process starts with taking many measurements that include the amount of ridge reduction, the severity of any overbites or underbites, and the height of the natural gum lines. Bite impressions of both the top and bottom jaws will also be taken. Before temporary implant-supported dentures are constructed, wax-testing dentures are created from these molds to confirm adequate positioning and fit.

All-On-4® Procedure

The correct natural distance between the patient’s top and bottom jaws will be measured and marked by the dental surgeon during the surgical phase of the treatment to guarantee that this space is maintained after the surgery. The procedure will start after the patient is asleep. The steps in the All-On-4® technique are as follows.

  • Existing traces of missing teeth will be removed.
  • The excessive or damaged gum tissue will be cut out.
  • An incision will be made along the length of the ridge on both the top and bottom jaws.
  • Specific bone amounts of the top and bottom arches will be removed, and the rest will be flattened and prepared for dental implant placement.
  • Each insertion spot for the dental implants will be marked on the bone’s surface before being implanted.
  • Pilot holes for the implants will be drilled at exact angles.
  • The dental surgeon will restore the gum tissue around the implants and stitch up any openings once the implants have been placed and tightened to the ideal torque requirements.
  • The replacement will now be fastened to the ends of the implants.
  • The contact locations where the temporary prosthesis meets the abutments will be marked, drilled, and inspected to guarantee a tight fit, then secured in place with mechanical fasteners
  • The holes will be filled and sealed, and the bite pattern will be checked for verification.
  • Correction of high spots or irregular contact points on the top and bottom jaws will be conducted.

All-On-4® Aftercare Tips

Following the treatment, the patient must follow the typical protocols for post-surgery oral care. Pain medications will be prescribed, and checkups to assess improvement will be planned. Following a soft-food diet for the first few months is an excellent place to start with aftercare. After roughly 3-4 months, you can gradually increase your intake of harder foods such as raw veggies and nuts.

Enjoy An Improved Lifestyle With All-On-4® Dental Implants

At Dr. Emma Wu & Associates, we provide patients with advanced All-On-4® implant treatment. Our dentists are skilled and knowledgeable in the latest technology and have the necessary equipment to perform on patients who qualify. To learn more about our All-On-4® treatments, contact us today for a consultation.

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