Your oral health impacts your overall health. It is the attentive and authoritative awareness that brings about the best routines to keep your mouth and teeth healthy. Who doesn’t want a bright and shiny smile? Besides, you need to take care of your gums to avoid bleeding or inflamed gums, as it may lead to other complications.

Data from governmental and authoritative sites suggest that approximately 40% of adults (aged 30 and above) suffer from some gum disease that may require surgery. So, learn about the 5 common reasons for gum surgery.

Why You May Need Gum Surgeries?


First, remember that dental procedures are not that painful. In fact, in most cases, the pain starts after the numbing agent (anesthesia) wears off and the damaged tooth starts to hurt.

1.      Bone Grafts

Bone graft is a common dental procedure that involves the removal of a damaged or infected bone with a new one. This procedure is important when the jawbone that surrounds the lower area of your tooth (i.e., roots) develops plaque buildup or bacterial infection (sometimes injuries).

During the bone graft procedure, your periodontist takes a bone from a healthy part of the body to replace the one below the tooth. Thereafter, it helps the tooth regrow and hold.

2.      Periodontitis

It is a severe gum condition that involves the damaging of the teeth, bones, and tissues due to the buildup of bacteria. It will make the teeth lose, and they may fall off or require extraction to prevent pain and uneasiness.

The procedure simply requires cleaning by lifting away the gums from the teeth, removing the bacteria (plaques, tartar), and then stitching the gums back together.

3.      Receding Gums

Receding gums are a periodontal disease that results in loose teeth and tissue loss. It occurs when the gums start receding away from the teeth, creating an empty pocket. Consequently, the teeth roots get exposed, increasing the chances for gum bacteria buildup and plaque and cavities to occur.

4.      Gingivoplasty

Gingivoplasty treats the unusual and uncomfortable shapes of gums that may be due to some diseases, injuries, or genes. This type of dental surgery might also involve gum grafting to add more tissue to a gum line in your mouth for a more natural look.

5.      Gum Contouring

Does your smile make you self-conscious? It might be because of the uneven distribution of gum tissue around your teeth. Tissue sculpting and gum reshaping are among the most popular cosmetic and aesthetic dental procedures. Primarily, it aims to create a more natural teeth line in order to preserve your beautiful smile.


You may develop gum diseases at any point in life due to various reasons. For most people, it is old age that brings oral health concerns; at the same time, many young people also suffer from gum conditions. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, proper oral care routine, and regularly visiting your dentist are crucial to preserving your oral health.

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